J2 Medical Supply provides expansive sourcing, warehousing, inventory optimization and custom manufacturing services to meet your unique needs.

Large Quantity Sourcing

J2 Medical Supply is committed to helping clients interested in large quantity orders to save money and increase supply chain efficiency. In addition to utilizing our own manufacturing capabilities, our expansive group of international sourcing partners have the capacity to secure high quality medical supplies across supply verticals.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

During a challenging time when every dollar counts, J2 Medical Supply separates itself from the competition by absorbing all warehousing, fulfillment and shipping costs on each order in the US. For clients interested in large quantity stockpiles, this equates to substantial savings while streamlining logistics. J2 Medical Supply also has dropshipping capabilities to multiple locations.

Custom Manufacturing​

High quality. Cost intelligent. J2 Medical Supply. From customized PPE packets to reusable masks, J2 Medical Supply has partnered with P3 Inc., to produce a suite of custom products on demand for its clients.

Inventory Optimization​

Our executive team has more than 60 years in logistics and supply chain management with critical expertise in inventory optimization, resource allocation, warehousing and fulfilment. J2 Medical Supply has everything you need to optimize your current supply chain challenges and develop a strategy for long-term success.