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J2 Medical Supply is an FDA-approved supplier of high-quality medical equipment serving healthcare, business and government clients across the globe. J2 Medical Supply is the smart choice for small and large quantity clients interested in a trusted, reliable, cost-effective partner.

J2 Medical Supply specializes in the manufacturing of ASTM D6319 & D6978 Nitrile Examination Gloves and personal protective equipment. Our team of professionals across the globe work tirelessly to provide clients with access to high-quality and cost-competitive disposable products to support their recurring supply chain needs.

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iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests

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SYNGUARD BASIC Nitrile Examination Gloves

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Who We Serve


J2 Medical Supply provides critical PPE to multiple federal, state and local government agencies. Our talented procurement and acquisitions team has 20+ years of government contracts experience.


Students, teachers and administrators are of critical importance and J2 Medical Supply is here to help.

Food Processors

Food safety is a top priority and J2 Medical Supply is a valuable teammate in the process.


Every healthcare professional deserves to have access to high-quality, reliable PPE. J2 Medical Supply is rising to the occasion.


COVID-19 has had a massive impact on much-needed projects critical to building infrastructure. J2 Medical Supply is equipped to help provide reliable options to ensure the continuing of on-site operations.


COVID-19 has changed the way restaurants operate and protect its staff and customers. J2 Medical Supply has a host of customizable solutions that satisfy every need while increasing brand awareness.


As local, state and federal government work diligent to contain COVID-19, adhering to mandated safety and compliance challenges are of top priority.


COVID-19 has been especially challenging for thousands of non-profit organizations serving the most vulnerable. J2 Medical Supply is here to help.


PPE solutions to protect retail employees and the customers they serve is of critical importance for every business.


As production increases across the nation, so does the pressure for worker safety and compliance. J2 Medical Supply is a FDA-certified medical supply company with the experience and a commitment to help.


Travel restrictions and social distancing have brought new challenges for hotels and resorts. More than ever, cost-effective, reliable PPE supplier are essential in protecting staff and guests.

Home and Leisure

Personal Protection at home and at play are more critical than ever. J2 Medical Supply is here to help.